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When you provide your phone number to a restaurant that uses Table's Ready, that restaurant will only use your phone number to contact you about that reservation, on the day of that reservation. After the restaurant marks your party as seated, they never again have access to your phone number.

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Table's Ready LLC, along with its subsidiaries or affiliated companies ("Table's Ready"), is committed to safeguarding your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes Table's Ready's policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of the information collected through Table's Ready's website, by restaurants that utilize Table's Ready reservation software, as well as any other sites owned or operated by Table's Ready (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Table's Ready System").

About the Table's Ready System

Our restaurant customers have adopted Table's Ready's proprietary Electronic Reservation System ("the Table's Ready System") to replace their traditional pen-and-paper reservation books. While an individual restaurant's reservation history is accessible by Table's Ready, other diner information that may be stored by that restaurant (for example, credit card numbers or reminders about diner preferences) is not accessible to Table's Ready. In some instances a restaurant may operate its own website and collect a myriad of diner/user information directly as part of the online reservation process. In those cases, only the information passed directly to the Table's Ready System to complete the transaction is stored by Table's Ready (e.g. diner name, reservation time, and phone number).

This document describes how diner information is collected, stored, used and, in specific instances, shared with restaurants via their Table's Ready System.

Ways your information is shared with restaurants and stored by Table's Ready:

When making a reservation, you will be asked to provide a name and a telephone number, as you usually would be when making a reservation over the phone. Restaurants will use the phone number you provide to send you automated notifications (text messages or voice calls) about your reservation status and wait time. The restaurant or Table's Ready will use this phone number for no other purpose unless you have specifically consented to receive marketing communications from either Table's Ready or from restaurants at which you've made reservations. You are never automatically opted in to marketing communications without your express consent. Providing your phone number to a Table's Ready restaurant does not automatically opt you in to marketing messages.

When you make a reservation with a restaurant that uses the Table's Ready System, your name and telephone number are collected by that restaurant and shared with Table's Ready. After your reservation has been "marked seated", a restaurant may no longer access your personally identifiable information. Restaurants may access aggregate and non-personally identifiable reservation information and analytics at any time.

By providing your phone number to a restaurant using the Table's Ready System, you consent to receive certain communications from that restaurant via the Table's Ready System, such as wait time updates and notification that your table is ready. Restaurants may not use your phone number to contact you except specifically in relation to reservations you have made.

Table's Ready may retain your name, phone number, and reservation time to generate certain aggregate statistics that are provided to restaurants that use the Table's Ready System. Table's Ready may also utilize stored personal information to automatically grant you "VIP" status at restaurants that you visit. VIP diners are identified to restaurants to enable them to offer preferred service to repeat or first-time customers. Restaurants cannot access specific individual dining histories using the Table's Ready System.

Table's Ready will only share the information specified above with restaurants at which you have made reservations. Restaurants cannot use their Table's Ready System to access information pertaining to diners or dining histories from other restaurants, with the exception that restaurants under the same corporate ownership may elect to share diner information and analytics between restaurant properties.

Users outside of the United States should understand that all information shared during the registration and reservation processes is sent to and stored on secure servers that are located in the United States. The United States has data protection laws that may not be consistent with those of other countries. If Table's Ready transfers your information outside of your host country, Table's Ready will take steps to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected.

How Table's Ready uses your personal information:

Table's Ready will never sell, rent, loan or otherwise distribute any of your personal information (including but not limited to your name, phone number or any other identifiable information about you) to any third party without your prior expressed written consent, although Table's Ready will pass certain information on to restaurants at which you make reservations as described above.

Table's Ready does use aggregate data (based partly on IP addresses of website visitors) collected through its website to analyze website usability, system performance and usage trends. While this data, in its aggregate form only, may be shared with third parties with whom Table's Ready works to analyze it, the data will only be shared under the strictest terms of confidentiality and will never contain any personally identifiable information pertaining to any user of the Table's Ready System.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this privacy policy, Table's Ready may be required to disclose user and personal information in response to inquiries by formal law enforcement, or in cases permitted by the United State's CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (CAN-SPAM), the European Union's Safe Harbor Provisions ("Safe Harbor"), Japan's Personal Information Protection Act ("PIPA"), or other related privacy laws and regulations.

How restaurants may use your personal information:

Restaurants in the Table's Ready System primarily use diner information to secure the desired reservations and notify guests of reservation status.

Table's Ready restaurants want to provide you with the best possible service so that you will visit them again. One way restaurants can distinguish themselves is by recognizing returning diners and recalling their special preferences. For this reason, a restaurant may use its Table's Ready System to take note of your special requests, allergies, special occasions or other pertinent information that will help the restaurant serve you better during your next visit. If a restaurant chooses to note your preferences, that information may be typed into its Table's Ready System manually just as a restaurant might write a note on an index card. This data belongs to the restaurant, since it is a product of that restaurant's relationship with you. Table's Ready does not access or use this information, and it is not shared with any other Table's Ready restaurant or third party, other than, perhaps, a restaurant under the same ownership. Table's Ready does create back-up copies of all information stored on the Table's Ready System for that restaurant, to assist in the restoration process in the event of data loss.

The restaurants within Table's Ready's network are separate businesses from Table's Ready. While Table's Ready encourages them to comply with data protection requirements, Table's Ready will not be responsible if these restaurants fail to comply with respect to your information. Any complaints or inquiries regarding use of your information by a Table's Ready restaurant, or marketing communications from a Table's Ready restaurant, should be addressed directly to the restaurant in question.

Restaurants within the Table's Ready System may also have their own websites. Table's Ready is not responsible for how these restaurants may collect your personal information through their own websites. Please contact the appropriate restaurant regarding its website's privacy policy (if applicable) and how it will access or use your personal information.

Changes to Table's Ready's privacy policy:

Any changes to Table's Ready's privacy policy will always be posted to this section of the website, along with the effective date of the new policy. All users should check this privacy policy page periodically to stay abreast of any such changes. Table's Ready will never make changes to its privacy policy that violate any applicable privacy laws, including CAN-SPAM, Safe Harbor, PIPA, or other commercial privacy standards.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal information:

If you wish to have Table's Ready disclose to you the personal information held by Table's Ready and the means through which Table's Ready obtained such information, or if you desire the information's correction, suspension of use, or to be informed of the purpose of use by Table's Ready, please contact Table's Ready. Upon receiving the request, Table's Ready shall meet such request pursuant to the provisions of each applicable privacy regulation after it confirms that such request has been made by you personally.

Effective May 8, 2011