No Expensive Pagers

Table's Ready is a paging system that uses your guests' cell phones instead of expensive pager systems. No more big upfront investments in hardware or replacing pagers that "walk off" every few weeks. Juggling a hungry crowd is tough - make it easier by replacing pagers with instant notifications from Table's Ready.


Your Table's Ready!

Gone are the days of carrying awkwardly shaped pagers and huddling around the host stand; with Table's Ready the phone that your guests already carry will let them know when your wait is over. Notify them instantly with a text or an automated call just by clicking a button. Food on!


Serve More Tables with Shorter WaitsSee all features...

Plan Your Staffing — Save Money

Get accurate wait times based on historical averages to learn when your true busy periods are. Save money by making sure you're not over-staffed. Get average wait times by day of the week and trended graphs to help you manage your staff, shorten waits, and increase profits.

Keep your Staff Meeting & Greeting

You want your host to greet guests upon arrival, and that's hard to do if they're tracking down guests! Table's Ready lets the host stay at their station and not worry about chasing customers or collecting abandoned (expensive!) pagers. Make your customers feel welcome with Table's Ready.

Lose the Crowd, not the Customers

Texting customers frees them from waiting on top of the host stand. Crowds by the front door are big deterrents to potential guests, and there is nothing worse than losing a customer. Table's Ready keeps your doorways clear and your tables full.

Engage your Patrons

A text can pass on more than "Your table is ready" - it's customizable and lets you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Old pagers were an annoyance, Table's Ready is part of the experience.


Eric Barriere, Cheers Boston

We were one of the earliest Table's Ready customers and couldn't be happier. Before Table's Ready, we were spending several hundred dollars a month replacing lost and broken pagers. Now we don't have to deal with any expensive pagers, and our customers love the text message notifications.