Understanding Tumblr


"I have interesting thoughts all the time, I should have a blog! Wait, that sounds like a lot of work..." If you work in a restaurant, you likely have a wealth of ideas that you'd like to share with the world. The challenge with traditional blogs is that they take a lot of time and as anyone in the restaurant industry knows, time is always in short supply. Enter Tumblr: Tumblr came onto the scene to make blogging quick, clean, easy, and beautiful; they've basically made it really easy for creative people to express themselves in a variety of ways.


The traditional blog post-- Tumblr does enable you to write out a blog post the old fashioned way. Maybe you want to lay out your philosophy, recount a great story, or have any other need for a longer winded route of traditional delivery. These often require the most time to produce but can get complex thoughts across clearly.


Want to show off your nightly special? Snap a quick photo and type in a short caption and publish it for the world to see. Maybe you want to introduce a new team member, put up a headshot with a brief bio tacked on to the end. Photos are easy to take and effortless to put online. You know the old adage, "a picture is a worth a thousand words?" Well, it's true and Tumblr has made your 1000 word treatise on the advantages of fresh vs. frozen salmon take 1% of the time.


Whether a clever beer quip originating from our founding fathers or a snarky jab from Anthony Bourdain, it's fun to pass quotes along when the timing is right. Tumblr offers a strikingly simple and elegant display for witticisms and critiques alike.


Did the local newspaper just write up that you have the best brunch in town? How about catching your name in a "best of" round-up in a big publication? That is the kind of information that your fans want to see and you should be proud to share. Post the link via Tumblr and have it catalogued until the end of time.


It sure would be great if there were a way to show people how great your musical guest actually is, oh yeah, there's Tumblr. Tumblr enables you to record live sound and immediately post it to your tumblog. You can also post recorded music to give folks a taste of what's to come or to just share some staff favorites. Music is a big part of atmosphere and you can set the tone for your guests before they even walk in the door, it's just up to you to have good taste!


The ease of capturing and uploading life in the form of video with Tumblr opens up a huge array of possibilities. You can have your chef give quick 2 minute tutorials on kitchen techniques, make your staff more relatable with short interviews, provide a glimpse of your bar rocking out on a Saturday night...the possibilities are endless. Video is an incredibly powerful medium and Tumblr makes it easy to seamlessly integrate it into your restaurant's blog, that's a power to be harnessed.

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