Understanding Pinterest


Users on Pinterest can have multiple pinboards and it makes the most sense if there's a common theme, as a restaurant, that shouldn't be a problem. Pinterest enables users to organize photos into well curated visual displays that individually link to more in-depth coverage of the subject matter. For instance, a photo of a seasonal special could link to your reservation page where getting a guaranteed table is only a phone call away. Check out below for some ideas to get you started pinning:


People increasingly love to know where their food is coming from. If you are proud of your purveyors, show them some love by pinning photos of their product and linking back to their website. They may see it and promote you back but more importantly you are standing behind your suppliers and painting a clear picture for your guests.

Regular Menu

Text menus are great, but there's a reason the dessert cart is so tempting--presentation. The food coming from your kitchen should look appetizing, upload some "pins" and get people's mouths watering!

Recipe Box

It would be understandable if your chef kept his recipes close to the vest, but if there are some less secretive pieces to your magic, Pinterest sure does make a fun way to share! Creating a pinboard recipe box could have your followers thinking of you even when eating from home.


Just like with the regular menu, creating a pinboard to showcase the creativity inherent in your specials both highlights your talent and lends personality to your style. Past specials can paint the picture of the 'je ne sais quoi' of your cuisine.


The often overlooked counterpart to masterful dishes are delightful cocktails. Drinks can be just as, or more, appealing as the fanciest of entrees with the proper garnish or even lighting. Enticing your followers to check out your bar scene or to step up their dinner accompaniment can be accomplished quite deftly with some flattering photos of your prized libations.


An idea for a great dish or drink, as with any art, can come from surprising places. Give your followers a glimpse into your creative genius by pinning the photos of items that get your creative juices flowing.

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