Now Serving Canada!

Table's Ready, Eh?

America's premiere SMS restaurant pager system is now available in Canada (and also still in the USA)! Canadian customers get the same great user experience and all the features available to American customers. That includes the simple yet powerful reservation and wait-list management, paging by SMS or by voice call, wait time analytics, and unlimited usage for one low monthly fee!

What's the difference?

Table's Ready in Canada uses Canadian phone numbers to send pages. This means Canadian diners can receive our SMS or phone call notifications without paying extra! As with our American numbers, when a diner calls back to the number that sent the page, we forward the call to your restaurant. Since we're using Canadian numbers in Canada, diners won't pay international calling rates.

What about billing?

Table's Ready is billed in US Dollars even for customers in Canada. We hope you'll still love us even though this one aspect of the service is not localized. If it's any consolation, we do it this way to keep the price low. To offer billing in CAD, we would have to raise the price to offset the higher bank fees. You don't want to pay our bank fees, do you?

Customer Support

We love all our customers equally. All Table's Ready customers have access to the same training and customer support. We want to hear from you!

Any Questions?

Give us a call at 1-855-TXT-PAGE (1-855-898-7243). Don't be surprised to get one of the founders on the line. We have a small team, and we love to talk with customers! If you prefer email just send one to and we'll get right back to you.

Now Serving Canada!